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I ordered a 55" HDTV from HSN and of course I didn't consider what shipping company was being used to deliver my item. I have no idea if this product is worth the money or not as the delivery truck seems to be just driving around enjoying the scenery.

I ordered this TV on Tuesday, Jan 7 and got a call on Jan 8 that a delivery time was scheduled for between 8am and 10am on Friday, Jan 17. On Jan 16 I got both an email and a phone call that my TV was going to be delayed, as Home Direct had to "check on the validity of my order".

I live in Omaha, NE and this TV was being shipped out of Miami, FL. I called Home Direct to find out why my TV delivery was being delayed and I was told that the TV mistakenly got routed to Chicago and would be back in transit as soon as the paperwork was verified.

On Jan 20, I called again and was told the TV was now back in transit, ON A THIRD PARTY CARRIER, and was in Kansas City and was scheduled to be delivered on Tuesday Jan 21. It did not happen. I called again and was told it was definitely scheduled for delivery in Omaha before noon Thursday, Jan 23. It did not happen. I called the local delivery service contracted to deliver this TV to my home and they said they have had no messages from Home Direct about a delivery date to them. As of this writing, I have no idea where my TV is, when it will arrive or anything about the status of this purchase.

All I know is that if I could pay for this TV in one lump sum, I would call to cancel the order. How can a great company like HSN provide such accommodating payment plans but use such an undependable freight service.

Unfortunately we as customers have absolutely no choice in who will be used to have large items shipped to us.

If I am really lucky, maybe I will receive my HDTV before the warranty runs out.

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Columbia, Kentucky, United States #777678

Why don't you just cancel the order and if they charged your credit card, get a refund or if they refuse, dispute the charge. At this point, who knows what condition the telly will be in when/if it arrives? Or, how long will it last given the bumps and jolts it has received from being transported all over the country?

to nikalseyn #777710

To cancel the order is not the point at all. The point being when you order something online from a reputable company, you trust that the company will ship it to you efficiently, and within the delivery time promised.

You should not have to get the runaround.

Now sir if you read more reviews you will find that Home Direct is notorious for having these issues, but of course being a big company they get away with it.

If the consumer doesn't complain enough, like getting the BBB involved, this company will continue to get away with their careless, unreliable work ethic and this is not right. That's the point

to nikalseyn Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, United States #885030

I ordered an entire bedroom two (2) years ago and have not received it yet. My credit card company put my order in dispute the same day I ordered it.

I had not contacted them to complain or cancel my order, the Credit Card company just "knew" the Company I ordered from and the Delivery service they used were going to be an issue.

My guest bedroom will remain empty, to remind me to "NEVER ORDER ANYTHING ONLINE EVER AGAIN" and my credit card is now in my desk drawer, to remind me to never use it again either.

Life is way too short to waste it doing material and financial recovery for an irresponsible Retailer and an incompetent Delivery companies' Bottom Line.

"BUY LOCAL, so you can chew them out in person!"

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